TFL Torino Film Lab Training Development Funding

TIFForumis a 3-day intensive workshop for the script development of 8 first or second feature film projects, consisting of individual consultations, practical writing exercises, and lectures. It will be a crash course in collaboration between trainers & participants. The process will be intensive and demanding for all involved. It aims to be a unique, high value professional experience for the participating filmmakers. During the 3 days of the workshop, each of the 2 trainers in script development will guide, and collaborate with, a group of 4 projects/filmmakers, forming a sort of creative family. Trainers and trainees will be working together in planned meetings (individual and group ones), but they will also be expected to be constantly “on call”, available to offer feedback to each other, each single day, from breakfast through dinner, through a series of additional, unexpected meetings moderated by the trainer/group leader, depending on the specific needs of each script of the group, at any given time. Coinciding with the Tirana International Film Festival, the workshop will also produce training and networking synergies. Best Pitch Award After 3-day script development, the projects will work on their pitch with a trainer in the following 2 days. On the last day every participant will pitch his project and compete for the Best Pitch Award.

Target group Only the following countries will be accepted: Albania, Kosovo, FYROM Macedonia, Serbia, Montenegro, BosniaHerzegovina, Slovenia, Bulgaria, Greece, Turkey, Romania and Croatia. Profile of participants: film professionals with at least some experience (have written/directed at least 1 feature film or 2 short films). Profile of projects: fiction feature film all genres; ideally the projects should already be on a professional development track (a producer/production company attached, and/or some financing for development/production available). Script stage of projects: at least a developed treatment (5 – 12 pages); ideally a first/subsequent draft. Application: Please send us a full pack of application to tifforum at consisting of: – Application form (to be completed on the website) – Logline – Synospsis (1-2 pages) – Treatment (5-12) – Previous work of director All materials should be submitted in English. The chosen participants will be notified by the end of September. The program is free of charge for the selected participants. TIFF also provides participation in, accommodation, board and the festival badges that allow free access to all the festivals’ screenings and events during the workshops. In case of realization of the project developed within the framework of the Workshop, the Participant undertakes to add the following sentence to the final credits of the feature film: “Developed within the TIFForum – Tirana International Film Festival“ along with the logo of the TIFForum.